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Boppa Bep

The Boppa Bep are the ethereal guardians of the four quadrants of the Rubrian Galaxy. Each Boppa Bep is immortal but cannot travel outside their quadrant. The Boppa cannot directly interfere in the affairs of sentient beings in the galaxy. They must convince others to do their bidding, and those that help the Pobpa are given special gifts to help them on their missions. The Boppa are not gods, but rather beings with extraordinary powers. Their powers are represented by amulets and jewels.


Camborts are the eyes of the Pobpa Bep. They are ever vigilant, always watching, waiting for signs of unrest in the galaxy. Camborts were created by the Pobpa Bep and are entirely loyal to their masters. Camborts are benign, they do not intercede in anything, they are loyal only to the Pobpa Bep.


The Hemi'ri are not a race, but rather a creed.  They are loyal only to themselves and their unabated greed for power and riches.  The Hemi'ri are ruled by the sinister and mercurial Baltazar, a descendant of the last President of the Order.  


The planet Alakar is home to the Tagapo .  The Tagapo are unflinching as they battle the Hemi'ri wherever they are in the galaxy.  They never wait for the battle to come to them.  They strike first and fast.  The Pobpa Bep have given the Tagapo wqrriors special amulets in  their quest to defeat the Hemi'ri.  Renee, the Warrior Princess, leads the Tagapo, and has been given a special amulet. See if you can find it.  It is the most powerful of all the amulets given by the Boppa Bep.


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